ActiveData For Excel® adds advanced data analysis capabilities and time saving worksheet management features to Microsoft Excel®.

With ActiveData for Excel you can join, merge, match, query, summarize, categorize, locate duplicate and missing items, combine, split, splice, slice and dice your data. Over 100 features are included in this easy-to-use package.

ActiveData for Excel offers a feature-rich product at a fraction of the price of competitive database-driven analysis tools.

ActiveData for Excel is available in a Business and Professional edition and works with all versions of Microsoft Excel from Excel 2007 to Excel 2019 64-bit as well as Office 365. French, German and Japanese versions are also available.

Professional Edition
For Auditors and Accountants

ActiveData - Professional Edition is the premium version of the ActiveData for Excel product line.

It includes features, tools and computer assisted audit techniques (CAATs) of specific interest to the accounting, audit, banking and other finance related professions.

Premium features include stratification, aging, sampling (random, stratified and monetary/PPS), digital analysis using Benford's Law, cross tabs, duplicate key detection, removal and gap detection.


Business Edition
For General Business Users

ActiveData - Business Edition contains the productivity tools and features most demanded by business users.

If you work in a spreadsheet-intensive environment, ActiveData - Business Edition can deliver powerful time-savings and return-on-investment just by using one or two of its features.

The business edition offers a simple, cost-effective approach to powerful data analytics and statistics in the very familiar Microsoft Excel environment.

Click here for a feature comparison matrix of the Professional and Business editions.

Already use CAATS software like ACL and IDEA?

ActiveData for Excel provides a natural companion to these legacy systems, offering the same sophisticated analysis and consolidation tools right on the Excel ribbon.

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