ActiveData for Office / SQL is a Windows application that leverages the power of Microsoft Office and SQL databases to extend your reach beyond the 1 million row barrier of Excel and offer enhanced data analytics functionality with tight integration to Access, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and many other popular business applications.

ActiveData for Office / SQL provides you with functionality found in much more expensive software solutions like ACL and IDEA and is up to 3 times faster at about one tenth of the cost. Those of you familiar with ACL and IDEA will be able to master the program in short order. New users will find it easier because of its streamlined user interface and significantly shortened learning curve.

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ActiveData for Office / SQL runs on Windows XP, Vista, Vista x64, Windows 7/8/10 and Windows 7/8/10 x64.

By using the power of Microsoft's latest data access technologies, ActiveData For Office / SQL is able to process millions of rows of data and provide easy to use results that are integrated into your Microsoft Office applications. You can further manipulate and analyze your results using ActiveData For Excel.

Powerful data analysis features let you merge and compare sheets; query and select rows; sort, summarize and sub-total; split, sample and stratify; analyze duplicates (de-dupe) and detect gaps in sequenced items such as check and invoice numbers; perform top/bottom item analysis; apply Benfords law to perform digital analysis; Random and Monetary Unit (PPS - Probability Proportional to Size) sampling.

ActiveData for Office / SQL supports direct access to Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, mySQL, Jet (MDB and XLS) and Ace (ACCDB and XLSX) databases using Microsoft's OLEDB data access technolgies. It also sports full support for COM automation and can be scripted with both VBScript and VBA

What's New In Version 2

  • Office 2010 style Ribbon user interface and support for Windows 7/8
  • Support for Remote Desktop Connectiong, Terminal Server and Citrix
  • Now works natively with MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, ACE (ACCDB / XLSX) and JET (MDB / XLS)

How To Update Your Existing Copy

To update your copy of ActiveData For Office / SQL, uninstall your current version and then download and install the latest version. Software reactivation is currently NOT required.

ActiveData For Office / SQL is designed to overcome Excel's million row limit.