The latest version of ActiveData For Excel is 5.0.508

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ActiveData For Excel Version 5.0.508 April 2023

Significant performance improvements to the Strata function, especially with large numbers of rows.

Numerous tweaks and fixes.

Improved support for Excel 2013 - 2021 including Office 365 and Windows 10/11.

ActiveData For Excel Version 5.0.507 January 2019

Improved support for Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 and Windows 10.

Changed this website and the online software activation used by ActiveData to use secure https:// on port 443. This required a change to how the software handles online activation. Older versions of ActiveData now report "No response received" when attempting to activate the software.

Numerous tweaks and fixes.

ActiveData For Excel Version 5.0.506 October 2016

Improved support for Excel 2016 and Windows 10

Numerous tweaks and fixes.

ActiveData For Excel Version 5.0.505 October 2014 Click here for more details and screen shots. Added the "Quick Filter" command to Excel's context menu. This filters the current sheet using the value in the selected cell(s).

Added the "Quick Summary" command to Excel's context menu. This summarizes the worksheet using the current Excel column as the Group-By field.

Added the "Quick Find" command to Excel's context menu. This lets you search all open sheets for the value in the current cell. This command also supports fuzzy (Levenshtein distance) matching.

Added the "Range Math" command to Excel's context menu. This allows you to add, subtract, multiply and / or divide the selected cells by themselves.

Added the "Copy Row(s) To Sheet" command to Excel's row context menu (the menu you get when you right-click a row number on the left hand side of Excel's grid). This lets you copy the selected rows to the end of another (or new) sheet.

The Duplicates command now supports fuzzy matching using Same-Same-Similar testing. This allows you to identify similar items using Levenshtein distance matching.

To help prepare data for fuzzy matching, the Convert Selected Cells command now supports two new conversion functions:

Word Normalization and Replacement - this allows you to replace common abbreviations and remove noise words using a user defined list of words stored in a worksheet.

Word Sort - this breaks the data up into words and then sorts them. This can be useful in address matching because the numeric portions of the address will end up on the left hand side.

Added the "Word Summary" command to Excel's context menu. This combines all of the text from the highlighted cells, breaks it up into words and then produces a summarization listing each word encountered and the number of occurances.

Added "Create Rightmost Column" option to Split Columns -> Text Columns. This captures the rightmost word from the original column.

Added "Starts With" and "Ends With" conditions to the Tag Rows By Column Value command.

Numerous tweaks and fixes including improved support for Excel 2013 and Windows 8.1

ActiveData For Excel Version 5.0.504 January 2013 Click here for more details and screen shots. Supports Excel / Office 2013. The "Rows -> Tag Rows" menu has been moved to its own top level menu on the ribbon. Row tagging now supports user defined tags in addition to a simple + sign. Added the "Combine Tagged Rows" command to combine multiple rows based on tag type. "Tag Rows By Column Value" now supports regular expressions The "Import -> Import ODBC Tables" command now supports the use of a Where command to specify which rows to import. The "Cells -> Convert Selected Cells" drop-down menu has been replaced with a floating dialog with a preview function. Added the new Worksheet menu Added the "Combine Sheets" command to the new Worksheet menu. Moved the "Duplicate Sheet" command to the new Worksheet menu. Moved the "Cells -> Format Sheet" command to the new Worksheet menu. Moved the "Sort To Sheet" command to the new Worksheet menu. Added the "Add Row #" command to the "Columns -> Arrange Columns" dialog. Added "Remove Blank Columns" to the Columns menu. Added "Remove Blank Rows" to the Rows menu. Added "Duplicate Column" to the Columns menu. Added "Duplicate Row" to the Rows menu. Added "Insert N Columns" to the Columns menu. Added "Insert N Rows" to the Rows menu. The "Columns -> Column Properties" command has been renamed and moved to "Cells -> Selected Cell Properties". The new "Columns -> Column Properties" command analyzes all of the columns in the worksheet and highlights potential problems including blanks and mixed data type issues (text cells mixed with numeric cells). The "Workbook Navigator" has been redesigned.
ActiveData For Excel Version 5.0.503 December 2011 Improved support for non-English versions of Windows and Excel Index Workbooks now lists all of the external links in a workbook
ActiveData For Excel Version 5.0.502 June 2011 ActiveData For Excel Version 5 contains the following updates: Support for Excel 2010 including the ability to handle huge amounts of data with the 64-bit version. Merge a worksheet into an existing worksheet - Merge has been enhanced to allow you to insert the desired data into the existing worksheet with no need to create a separate worksheet. Row View - For very wide worksheets, this displays the column values in a stacked (vertical) format on a tool window allowing you to see all of the data values on a row without having to scroll left and right. T-Stats have been added to the reports generated with Benford's Digital Analysis. Duplicate row analysis now supports Same-Different, Same-Same-Different, Same-Same-Same-Different, Same-Same-Same-Same-Different and Same-Same-Same-Same-Same-Different. Quick Find - Right-click a cell and you'll see a new menu item: Find 'xxx' In... where 'xxx' represents the current cell's value. Selecting this option allows you to select the specific worksheet in which you'd like to search for the value. This feature is useful for reconciling rows between different worksheets based on things like account number, name and address. Insert n Rows or Columns - Right-click the row # (or column #) in Excel and you'll see a new menu item: Insert n Rows (or columns) When you insert with regular Excel, you have to do it one row (or column) at a time. This pops up a dialog asking you how many rows (columns) to insert. Regular Expression Functions Workbook Index now indexes macros (VBA) - There's now an option to include a detailed listing of all the macros found while indexing workbooks. The list includes all of the modules, components, classes, subroutines and functions contained within the workbook's VBA project. Numerous tweaks and minor bug fixes. Full support for Terminal Server, Remote Desktop Connection and Citrix. Full support for Win 7 (32 and 64-bit) Full support for Windows Server 2008 R2 Full support for Unicode

How To Update

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Updates are free to users with current support.

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