Windows 8: The most radical update since Windows 95?

Some interesting news from about Windows 8 and Office.

This interface overhaul, possibly the most radical update since Windows 95, is virtually unrecognizable from the most recent OS update, Windows 7. During the demo, Sinofsky browsed the web on Internet Explorer 10, manipulated photos, and Tweeted on a prototype tablet device (actually a touch screen with a full-blown PC hidden under the desk). He also launched Microsoft Office, which, jarringly, drops the user back into the old-fashioned Windows 7 display.

A Microsoft exec explained that they didn’t want to fully redesign the app just to run on a mobile experience. That said, Microsoft held out the possibility that the Office team could redesign the suite for the new interface. In answer to a question about whether or not Windows 8′s new interface is simply an overlay, Microsoft execs said, “It’s not a layer,” and noted that unlike layers written by OEMs, Windows 8′s new interface was Windows, and will run the same on millions of PCs.

Windows 8 Reinvents the Windows Interface